Veterans Testimony's

Roger Colling


February 28 · 2018

I have known Mary for over 30 years, she is a very hard working genuine person, I volunteer now and then for the Service Peace Warriors and am close friends with her husband [ also a very genuine person ] so get to see first hand what all it takes in time money and volunteer to pull something like this off correctly, this is more than a full-time job for her and she's not paid. What she and the other volunteers have achieved so far is impressive and more people getting on board all the time. If you get out there you can see first hand how the animals are fed, housed, exercised, and cared for and had the opportunity to meet with one of the veterans that receive this amazing loving gift you would want to help any way you could. If this type of cause is interesting for you and if you ever took the time to actually get out to Eltopia and visit You would probably want to be a part of this as well, Marry Mattox would welcome you with open arms offer a tour and rundown on what actually they do. Mary, I'm impressed

William Goss


April 15, 2017 

Met Mary, Eric, and Diesel. Mary is a Godsend. Caring and easy to talk to. She is a gift from God. For someone to do the things she does for a stranger (who quickly becomes a friend) is an amazing thing. What she has done and continues to do I am sure has saved and changed lives. She understands the battle that many Vets fight on a daily basis. She really cares, unlike many that say they care and understand, but don't have a clue. Mary cares not only about the Vet, but about the Animals just as much. Thank you both for doing what you do. I am looking forward to working with you in the upcoming weeks to get Diesel and me on the same page. Again Thank you very much.

Clare Murphy


July 29, 2016

My sister, Mary-Faith Mattox Murphy was born to work with animals. Mary-Faith grew up with our torturously violent and controlling mother. She was fostered out to various strangers where she was further abused. She was exposed to multiple traumas over a long 17 year period, starting from as young as a baby. As a consequence, Mary-Faith developed lifetime Complex PTSD. To cope with this, Mary-Faith can go out on her farm and pet her animals and train them and be as happy as can be. Living with, and raising animals, has always been healing for her own anxiety. Mary-Faith’s deep knowing that animals are healing for humans, along with her genuine and passionate drive to help others, led her to develop Service Peace Warriors. Working with dogs and other animals have been Mary-Faith’s lifesaver. It has always been natural to her.

Although Mary-Faith does not understand what it would be like to be a soldier, not knowing if he or she was coming home to see his or her parents and family again, she has her own personal experience of Complex PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Her symptoms were so bad that she ended up in the hospital with blood pressure so high she was on the verge of having a stroke. At times she wanted to die so badly that she had to talk herself out of it. Mary-Faith’s experience has led her to feel deep empathy for American veterans. Service Peace Warriors is her way of giving back what the soldiers do for us.

Mary-Faith knows what the comfort of a dog brings to her and how it changed her life. Having a dog enabled her to go places, and do things, and talk to people that before having a service dog, the symptoms of PTSD would block her from experiencing. Teaming up with a service dog opens up a new world to the Veteran with PTSD.

It is not just the dog that makes a difference to the Veterans lives. Members of the public tend to treat people with animals with kindness and compassion. So going to the grocery store with a service dog is healing in itself because of the empathetic human connections that occur. Strangers go out of their way to offer help to the person with the dog.

My sister is fair, just, kind, caring and extremely passionate about never causing harm to any person or any animal. She is one of the most respected peo