Our Mission

 After learning that twenty American Veterans kill themselves each day here on American soil, we made a goal of putting eight teams {Veteran and a Service Dog} together each year. We are committed to doing our part to change the lives of American Veterans who have come home in need of our support. 

Great Non Profits


Our Mission

  Service Peace Warriors is a Non-profit organization 501 c (3) dedicated to our veterans coming home with war related PTSD and other disabilities. The raising statistics of veteran suicide is up to 24 per day. Our goal and commitment is to place as many service dogs, per year with veterans who are in need of help. 


Suicide Prevention

 Sometimes, life’s challenges can feel overwhelming, like there’s no way things can get better. When things feel unbearable, or if you’re having thoughts of ending your life, support is available. VA offers a number of programs and resources for Veterans and their loved ones, friends, and health care providers. 

Financial Information and Tax Returns

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